Mated queens 

Mated Queens are usually available from June onwards subject to available stocks. Our queens are of the Native Irish Black Bee variety developed from our breeding program here at Coolmore Bees. The queens we offer for sale are mated, and tested, meaning we have assessed them as worker egg laying, and good brood pattern.

Queens are posted housed in a small queen cage accompanied by several attendant workers + fondant. We only post Queens on Monday and aim for next day delivery (special delivery dates can be accommodated).

Please note, introducing a new mated queen to an existing colony requires special techniques. If you are unsure of these techniques feel free to ask for advice.

At present we can only post within the Republic of Ireland.


Orders taken in the months of JUNE and JULY, have a lower chance of receiving a queen.



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1 queen for €50 

2 queens for €90

5 queens for €200

10 queens for €350


Please fill out form below, link to payment will be available when Queens are ready to be posted. 

Please note: We only post Queens on Monday of each week. Queens will be marked but Not clipped. 

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