Raw honey is the most natural form of honey you can get. Which is why, our honey only undergoes minimal treatment before it is jarred, in order to retain the natural health benefits and taste of pure natural honey.

This honey, from our bees here on Coolmore Farm, Carrigaline, is pure Irish honey collected from many nectar sources around the County of Cork, extending as far as the heather hills of West Cork, where we keep a few hives. The variety of flowers and trees the bees have fed on to create this raw, multi-flora honey will include: Blackberries, clover, dandelion, phacelia, heather (bell & ling) and the Lime tree to name a few.


A few notes about our honey:

  • Our honey is as “straight from the hive” as it gets. We extract the frames, filter, and then jar it.
  • All real honey will crystallise over time, if that happens just place the jar in warm water (without the lid) until it softens up – don’t boil or put it in the microwave.
  • Our honey is not extensively heated and is only coarsely filtered in order to retain bits of the pollen, and will be higher in natural enzymes, than if filtered. All of these components add anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well as a whole host of other vitamins and minerals essential to the development of a healthy immune system and healthy heart. Raw honey also provides the best natural energy boost available from any raw natural food.

For more information about our honey please contact us on: mnewenham@coolmorebees.com


  • The Pavilion Garden Centre, Ballygarvan
  • Centra, Crosshaven
  • Quay Co-op, Carrigaline & Cork City
  • Barry Collins, Carrigaline, Main Street
  • Scally's of Clonakilty
  • On the pig's back, Douglas
  • Ryans Supervalu, Grange
  • Healthy Say, Carrigaline
  • Hassetts Bakery & Restaurant , Carrigaline 

Raw, unheated Irish Honey